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Family Mediation Benefits

Family Mediation Benefits

What is family mediation?

Where the term "mediation" is very broad and covers a plethora of topics from business, divorce, real estate, landlord/tenant, etc, etc. It is important to have a mediation specific to a certain problem. Often times the best route to take when considering divorce or end of life issues is to get family mediation. Family mediation is often the preferred route to take when considering an end of relationship situation.

Is family mediation required?

Often times when going to court to obtain a divorce the court will ask that the parties seek mediation first. Family mediation is preferred by the court system. Although mediation is not required a court can require that the parties attend at least a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting.

The idea of family mediation is one that is preferred by the courts. This is due to the time that it takes to conduct a legal proceeding and the amount of money that it costs to operate the court system. Family mediation is cheaper and it is often the best way to end a relationship or dispute between family members without straining the situation.

Why is family mediation beneficial?

One of the primary jobs of a family mediation is to mend fences. This is referred to as transformative mediation and involve the mediator listening to the situation and helping each party see the others point of view, their values, and what the real issues are.

Divorce, will contests, and other family problems naturally involve extreme levels of stress and emotion. A benefit to family mediation is that the mediator is there to help smooth things over and keep emotions at bay. Emotions, especially negative emotions, tend to make matters worse and the result is that one party is usually left having bargained for very little. This is what happens when divorce proceedings occur in a courtroom. There is no neutral party involved in litigation and each individual, especially their counsel, are looking to get as much as they possibly can from the other. Family mediation, on the other hand, is focused primarily on each party coming out with a happy result that will not permanently fracture the relationship.

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